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Camp Chief Graeme

Over the next couple of weeks we would like to introduce you to the GN17 organising team - asking them the big and important questions!

First up - Camp Chief Graeme.

Graeme was the deputy camp chief for GN15 and has taken on the main role for 2017. He is currently Deputy District Commissioner for Aberdeen an ASL and AESL In the real world he is a QHSE professional.

Graeme on the hot topics:

- What is your favourite cereal: Porridge
- Where would you most like to go on holiday: Back to New Zealand, it has a fantastic outdoor lifestyle.
Whats your favourite colour: Red
- Which cartoon character would you like to be: Penfold from Dangermouse
- Whats you favourite outdoor activity: Running
- Whats your favourite camp meal: Scots Broth, Chilli, sponge pudding and custard
- Whats your best Scouting memory: When Bear Grylls visited us at Bear Hunt
- Which part of GN17 are you most looking forward too: Seeing all the happy faces.


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